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Remedial massage therapy clinic located in Richmond, Melbourne

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Back Remedial Massage

Our remedial massage Richmond therapists have many years of experience in removing your Back pain.


Migraine & Headache Massage

At our remedial massage Richmond clinic we have specialists in headaches and migraines..

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Neck & Shoulder Massage

Remedial massage Richmond therapists have many years of experience with neck and shoulder issues.

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Remedial Massage

We are specialists in remedial massage and are located in Richmond Victoria.

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Are you looking for the best massage in Richmond?

Remedial massage Richmond is the best choice for a great massage in Richmond. If you are looking for massage for sporting injury, long term pain or injury relief, this is where you can find it. We are the number one massage and pain relief clinic in Richmond and Melbourne.

We use a beeswax formula in preference to oil. This allows us to slowly and deliberately grip onto the fascial sheath (commonly referred to as knots). The dedicated friction creates an excessive amount of heat that penetrates deep into the layers of fascia. The combination of both  heat and friction causes the fascial sheath to stretch and expand back into its normal relaxed state. During your massage will feel the muscle knots and tension disappear with every stroke.

Practitioners with more than 10 years experience.
Fully qualified massage practitioners
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Our Therapists

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