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What is Remedial Massage?

A: Remedial massage uses methodical assessment and treatment of injured muscles, tendons or ligaments, and the connective tissues of the body to aid in the fastest method of rehabilitation and management of an injury. It is not anything like a relaxation massage. It aims to relieve soreness in the injured area and achieve long-term relief by treating the causes not the symptoms. 

Is remedial massage painful?

Remedial massage will hurt during the massage, but this is necessary to release the muscle tension. Remedial massage goes deep into the muscle to alleviate long term pain and dysfunction.

All of our massage practitioners are sports people who have had many sporting injuries and have found relief with remedial massage. We understand sporting injuries. We know how to fix them fast so you can get back to your sport or every day activities immediately. .

Remedial massage targets solidified connective tissue

Our Richmond practitioners use remedial massage to target the solidified connective tissue that causes your pain. When your body develops pain the muscles and fascia become shortened and/or lengthened causing aching and dysfunction. By releasing the solidified connective tissue we restore the imbalances.

We use a beeswax product in preference to oil. This allows us to grip onto, stretch and release the taut, restricted areas that cause your discomfort.

Your massage session will commence with a thorough postural examination. We will use your feedback to identify the exact areas causing your pain. We will also show, and explain to you exactly why you are in pain and how we are going to fix it -permanently. 

You will feel the sore taut areas gradually dissipate and relax as we progressively work deeper through the layers of solidified connective tissue (knots).

After your remedial massage treatment you will immediately notice lightness and less pain.  

We guarantee dramatic improvements and lasting relief from pain.

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