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Specialised Hamstring Remedial Massage Technique at Our Richmond Clinic

93% of all hamstring tears are completely preventable. Our unique hamstring remedial massage technique forms part of the prevention.

At our Richmond remedial massage clinic we can ensure that you never injure your hamstring again.

As practitioners at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, it always astounds us that only a few elite sporting clubs put preventative measures in place to ensure their athletes do not incur repetitive hamstring strains.

Worse still, we find it staggering that at some elite clubs, the medical staff only address the symptoms of the hamstring tear and never the cause.

Most sporting clubs use remedial massage as a form of recovery to flush out lactic acid. However very few use remedial massage that targets the outer lining of the hamstrings muscles as a preventative measure against strains.

Hamstring tears are the result of an over contraction of the hamstring muscles (eccentric contraction).

Reasons for Hamstring injuries:

• Any imbalances in the muscles in your legs or hips can and will overload your hamstrings. If your quadriceps are stronger than your hamstrings, you are obviously more likely to injure them: ‚Ä®imbalance = inefficiency + heavy workload = tear
• Scar tissue present from the healing process of previous hamstring tears makes the hamstring more susceptible to another injury.
• Muscle weaknesses 
• Muscle tightness
• Poor hamstring conditioning
• Fatigue
• Lack of fitness
• Flexibility
• Poor posture/biomechanics
• Lack of core strength 
• Muscle imbalances 
• Anterior pelvic tilt

At Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond we treat the patient/athlete to ensure they will never strain another hamstring, no matter their age or history of injury. This is because we address the cause of the tear, not just the tear itself.

At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond our success rate in the treatment and prevention of reoccurring hamstring strains is unfailing. We often put strong guarantees in place because we are so confident in our unique form of treatment.

At our Remedial Massage Richmond clinic, we have treated many AFL footballers, International Cricketers, A-League and International Soccer players, and Olympic athletes along with hundreds of semi-professional and amateur footballers looking for an alternative to mainstream sports medicine treatment for recurrent hamstring issues.

If you are suffering from recurring hamstring strains please call our Remedial Massage Richmond Clinic on 03 8616 0784

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