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Does Effectiveness Of A Remedial Massage Reduced By Consuming Opioids?

How Consumption Of Opioids Reduces Effectiveness Of A Remedial Massage?

It is now a well-known fact that remedial massage therapy significantly improves low back pain, whether acute or lower, but the improvement certainly diminishes when patients are taking opioid pain medication. If you are a back pain sufferer and are also taking opioids, then you are making things complicated for yourself. On one side, you are trying to get rid of lower back pain, and on another, you yourself are slowing down the process by taking a medication that is not supposed to be taken.

In a recent test in a reputed hospital, hundred odd patients who were suffering from lower back pain were given a series of ten massage therapies that were designed and catered by a reputed massage therapist. You will be surprised to know that over half of those people experienced significant improvements in their lower back.

This particular experiment gave the doctors and the massage therapists’ new hope that they can significantly reduce chronic low back pain through remedial massage Richmond therapy. But, it will be a collaborative effort, and patients have to stick to what they were told by the doctors.

The majority of patients showed a huge improvement in their pain and disability after 10-12 weeks, but the improvement graph took a dip after 24 weeks of the massage therapy.

The study, which we have referred to in earlier paragraphs has also identified a few characteristics in patients that will result in more or less relief from remedial massage Richmond therapy:

  1. People belonging to the age group of 45-50 years had better outcomes to pain and disability than younger people.
  2. Those who were taking opioids haven’t had as good clinically meaningful change as those who weren’t taking opioids.
  3. Obese people also experienced huge improvements, but those improvements were reduced after a certain period of time.

It is for everybody to understand that chronic lower back pain is a complicated issue and often needs a maintenance-type approach Vs a short-term intervention option.

With a plenty of issues already discussed in the way of treating chronic lower back pain, there is one more inhibiting factor, and i.e., the cost. In the above-mentioned experiment or study, patients were given remedial massages that were free of cost, but in reality, free massage can’t be obtained, and we are living in a world where everything is expensive including massage therapy. On top of it, insurance companies don’t cover massage therapy, so it burns a big hole in the pocket of the people unless they are getting the remedial message Richmond therapy from Massage Solutions. But, money spent on massage therapy is a lot better investment than spending money on other treatments.

The intake of opioids should be totally stopped as they will reduce the effectiveness of massage therapy and will also burn a big hole in your pocket because you will have to consider another treatment in order to get rid of the chronic lower back pain.

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