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Exhausted by Back Pain? Remedial Massage Solutions Can help

Exhausted by Back Pain?

It is estimated that 80% of Australians suffer from Back Pain during one time in their life which can be physically and mentally exhausting. This can vary from an acute pain (3 months or less) that suddenly appears or can be a prolonged chronic form of Back Pain (3 months or more). Remedial massage is an effective solution for dealing with back pain. At our Remedial Massage Richmond clinic we offer a highly specialised approach to chronic back pain.  

Back Pain can be caused by a number of factors including:

-Biomechanical Imbalances/Muscular Imbalances

-Muscular Tension/Restriction

-Trauma to the spine

-Bulging Disc.

-Degenerative Spine



At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, we specialise in eradicating Back Pain whether it's been with you for a few days or is a chronic condition you are dealing with constantly.

At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond we have a unique way of treating back pain via a non surgical hands-on approach to cure and rid your body of back pain permanently. Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) which is a proven technique which we have been using many years now to treat your Back pain. Through a hands-on approach we work the deepest layers of your tissues melting away the restriction and years of dysfunction that would have built up over time which have lead to your Back Pain. We focus on restoring posture and symmetry by releasing the tightened and restricted tissues in your back whilst ensuring the weakened muscles are addressed to ensure your Back Pain never returns via our SMM treatment methods.

At Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond we understand Back Pain doesn't just stop at the physical pain but the emotional and mental factors its plays in your everyday life as well. Fortunately for our patients, in most cases we find within a few sessions of remedial massage people are completely and permanently fixed of their Chronic Back Pain by addressing the exact cause of their pain, not just the symptoms. Remedial massage at our Richmond clinic is the solution you have been looking for.

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