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How We Treat You For Back Pain

How We Treat You For Back Pain

Back Pain is a very complicated condition with 80% of Australians suffering from minor to debilitating Back Pain at one point in their life or another. Not only does Back Pain affect you on a physical level but also on a emotional, mental, social and financial level. It is naive to think that Back Pain only plays a small role in ones life as it is quite common to become the primary thought and focus of peoples lives where people often wake up and go to bed affected and thinking about their pain. At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond we can massage that pain away.

There are hundreds of different causes for Back Pain, however some of the most common causes of Back Pain we encounter at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, range from the following 

-Disc bulge

-Direct Trauma


-Postural Imbalances

-Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time

-Muscular Weaknesses/Imbalances

-Lack of Strength/Stability

If you have put up with Back Pain for an extended we know we can help you here at Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond. We do not treat the body on a superficial level that will only relieve your pain for 2 to 3 days, we work on a very deep level targeting the true cause of your pain, not just treating the symptoms and work to unlock and free those deep and tissues which can result in the pain and tension melting away in only a few short sessions.

Our unique treatment known as Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) works on a completely different scale to that of a normal deep tissue massage. As mentioned we Focus purely on the true cause of your pain which results in far better result then just providing a symptomatic, short term relief which most other deep tissue massages provide. The Neuromyofascial tissue is the primary source of most chronic pain disorders, which is why our SMM methods of treatments works perfectly by eliminating the built up restrictions and tissues so you will instantly feel an instant improvement.

With such a large percentage of the population suffering with debilitating Back Pain we believe it is time to no longer look for a quick fix and seek out a permanent solution to your pain which we here at Remedial Massage Solutions in Richmond, provide. 

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