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Lower Back Pain can be eradicated at our Remedial Massage Richmond Clinic

Lower Back Pain can be eradicated at our Remedial Massage Richmond Clinic

The majority of Lower Back Pain can be eradicated without surgery or the use of mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs, using remedial massage.

It is estimated 80% of the Western Population will suffer lower back pain at some point of their lives with a further 70% of the world’s population suffering back pain also.

Most back specialists diagnose back pain as purely coming from the spine or intervertebral discs. The terms slipped, bulged or ruptured discs, are all too loosely used to pinpoint the cause of pain for the patient. At our Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond clinic we have seen in numerous cases people present with there scans with no signs of injury or trauma, yet you still feel severe back pain.

“With nearly one million spine surgeries performed in the U.S. each year, and a failure rate of 50%, too many patients either undergo spinal surgery that is doomed to fail or are put on mind altering drugs to manage, but not end their back pain.”
“The reality is that muscles are the primary source of chronic back pain. And muscle pain can almost always be successfully treated without surgery or drugs.”
- Dr. Norman Marcus.

At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, we locate the exact the source of your pain via Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) that breaks down the restricted tissue in the body. It is a slow, patient technique of remedial massage that eradicates dysfunction that builds around the body that melts away tension and restriction immediately. Often our patients notice results as soon as they get off the massage table rather than short-term relief that often appears straight after treatments. By targeting certain muscles and building up strength in the weaker areas your lower back pain can be eradicated permanently.

If you want long term solutions to your persistent pain call us immediately on 8616  0784 or visit and book in with one of our experienced remedial massage therapists to be pain free. At Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond, we are here to help you.

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