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Neck and Shoulder Tension remedial massage Richmond

Remedial massage can relieve the tension in the neck

Neck and Shoulder Tension is extremely common, if not the most common complaints we get from patients at Massage Solutions. The neck is a highly movable and highly flexible part of the body. It is responsible for movements such as flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation making it a very versatile part of the body.

People tend to hold tension in the neck region due to a number of reasons including mental and emotional stress. This can lead to chronic pain as well as deep penetrating headaches and migraines. We can help you find lasting relief from neck and shoulder tension.

Sitting at a computer desk for long periods of time will cause fatigue in the muscles of the neck and body designed to stabilize our posture or being involved in a car accident will create trauma to your neck and shoulders from whiplash causing these stabilizing muscles to become imbalanced. As these stabilizing muscles become fatigued, more load is placed
on the neck as well as muscles designed to support and move our neck and shoulders. Due to the long periods of added load these muscles fatigue as well and begin to tighten (contract) creating pain and tension 
in the region. Effective massage is required to free the tension that is causing the pain.

Repetitive actions will also cause the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and neck regions to become fatigued, causing unwanted knots and tension. For example, a store worker packing boxes for long periods of time, or a hairdresser holding their arms out cutting hair all day, help to create neck pain. Therefore, repetitions of bad actions/movements ultimately cause pain and imbalance. We have the perfect solution to painful tension.

Causes of Neck pain that we see at our Richmond clinic:

• Biomechanical imbalances
• Poor posture
• Joint stiffness/restrictions
• Muscle weakness
• Muscle tightness
• Lack of core stability 
• Pillows and sleeping positions 
• Being overweight
• Previous head/neck trauma (Car Accident)
• Stress
• Headaches/migraines 
• Desk work
• Lack of flexibility
• Arthritis

We know how to bring you the long-term relief from neck and shoulder pain you have been looking for.

To make an appointment please call our Massage Richmond Clinic on 03 8616 0784

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Unique Techniques At Massage Richmond To Rid You Of Neck And Shoulder Tension
Are you sick of suffering neck and shoulder tension? Find out how Massage Richmond can help with its unique approach to treatment.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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