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Osteitis Pubis: How Our Remedial Massage Richmond clinic can help

Osteitis Pubis: How Our Remedial Massage Richmond Clinic Can Help

Osteitis Pubis (O.P.) is an extremely painful injury, which is inflammation of the pubic symphysis located deep in the pelvic region.

What causes Osteitis Pubis is an imbalance throughout the body and especially the pelvic girdle. O.P. is very common in Footballers, Basketball players, Dancers and Soccer players and even during pregnancy, however has been noticed in the general population as well.

At Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond, O.P. is a condition that we have to deal with on a regular basis and particularly throughout the winter sports months, however quite often is prevalent in summer sports.. We work with Osteitis Pubis at a greater success rate than any other hands on therapist, this is due to a very unique hands-on approach we use in remedial massage that has been developed over many years of first hand experience and literally hundreds of patients. 

Causes of O.P. can include:

  • -Muscular Imbalances/Weaknesses
  • -Muscular Tightness
  • -Biomechanical Imbalances
  • -Poor Training Techniques
  • -Poor Posture
  • -Increased Physical Activities
  • -Joint Stiffness and Restrictions
  • -Weak core stability
  • -Pregnancy

We have developed a hands-on approach consisting of Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) which works to break down tension at the true origin of a muscle rather than just giving you a regular remedial massage which will only leave you feeling good for a day or two. Our treatments are designed to not just take away short term pain but for you to have full confidence in the treatment and experience long term relief so you can go about your day to day activities and sports pain free ... Permanently!

When working deep throughout the adductor and hip muscles we are able to free up the pelvis, the hip girdle, and the deep gluteal muscles which take pressure off the entire pelvic girdle resulting in decreased inflammation of pubic symphysis which results in almost immediate decreased pain. Osteitis Pubis is a condition that many struggle to get fixed and we at Remedial Massage Solutions believe this is because many treat the symptoms of the condition and not get to the root cause itself which is inflammation of the pubic symphysis.

By breaking down the deep tissues of the adductor group as well as many other contributing muscles we take direct pressure of the pubic bone resulting in decreased pain put on the pubic symphysis. If you would like to know more about Osteitis Pubis and how we go about treating O.P. through remedial massage at our Richmond clinic
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