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"I'm a handyman/garden by trade and need my body in tip top shape on a daily basis. Last year had some back pain issues which set me back. I was recommended to go see Daniel at their clinic, Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond. Results are amazing. From pain and discomfort to full mobility."


I walk away from most massages disappointed. The massage is too soft and skims over the areas where I feel the most work is needed. After seeing all 3 of the Remedial Massage Solution therapists in Richmond I can not recommend their services enough. I feel terrific every time and would never consider going elsewhere.

Christine Dowsing

Hands down the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. I highly recommend Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond

Brett Danielson

The deep tissue I had last week at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond released more tension in my body, that massages I have ever had combined. The work was deep, but controlled. Felt very light and invigorated as soon as I got off the table.


After not being able to move my neck for 3 days straight, I am finally pain free. Whilst painful at first, my therapist at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond worked deeper and deeper whilst stretching my neck and shoulders. I could literally feel the tension release throughout the entire session.

Helen Miller

My frozen shoulder completely gone. Thank you Rick for the support and treatment that has got my life back on track. I can not recommend you or Remedial Massage Solutions Richmond highly enough.

Nick Lawrence

8 months of frozen shoulder, gone in just 3 weeks. I am still amazed!! I thought the treatment was going to kill me at first, I would have done anything to rid myself of the pain and discomfort.

Maz Forte

Rick’s weekly massages at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond on my back have changed my life. After 40 years of constant back pain, I have finally found a treatment that provided me with relief. It is definitely worth the 3 hours round trip each week.

Laurie Williams

I originated saw Daniel for a groin injury which he fixed. 2 years later I was hospitalised with a severe back pain. I work in construction, and feared that my career was over. Both Rick and Daniel at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond  reassured me that my back would heal, settle down allowing us to restore strength. After just 5 weeks of rehab, involving deep massage and strengthening work, I am back on full duties holding 8kg jack hammers above my head. I have told our case manager at work, they need to send all of their injured workers to see Rick and Daniel at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond.

David De Bartolo

When my back flares up, the deep massage through my lower back gives me instant relief. I am now working with Rick at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond to strengthen my back to avoid future flare ups.

David Bonfa

I can't rave about the boys at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond  enough. My lower back and sciatica pain had been getting progressively worse over a 2 year period. After trying countless massages, physio’s, I was referred by a workmate, who had also been fixed up at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond. After my initial visit, I knew this would fix me. The deep massage targeted my painful areas, and I walked away feeling much freer.

Rob Mcgaffin

I saw countless sports doctors and physiotherapists, was sent to see (cannot publicly name)

None of it worked, so at 22 I gave up playing footy. I am a carpenter, so even though I quit sport, I was still in daily pain standing on job sites all day.  I found Rick at Remedial Massage Solutions, Richmond searching on google late one night, and read what he had to say about O.P and the testimonials of people my age whom he had helped. I decided to give it a go. I am now completely pain free, I am starting to enjoy work again, and super confident that I can commence preseason training for footy.

Chris Cooper

The massage hit the exact spot where my OP gave me pain. I am able to run and do light ball skills again. This injury has kept me out of soccer for 18 months, I am excited to start the strength training, so my body can hold up to playing a full match again pain free.  


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