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Unique Techniques At Massage Richmond To Rid You Of Neck And Shoulder Tension

Unique Techniques At Massage Richmond To Rid You Of Neck And Shoulder Tension

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain or tension then our massage can help you.

At our massage Richmond clinic we use a unique form of bodywork (massage) that uses a beeswax formula in preference to oil that allows us to grip onto the taut knots and tension in your neck and shoulder and stretch them back to their natural resting state. With our massage you will literally feel the pain and tension ease away with each and every massage stroke. All of our practitioners here at our Massage Richmond clinic specialise in this unique form of body work so you can be assured that you will get the perfect massage that will rid you of your pain each and every time.

What causes neck and shoulder tension and how does our unique massage help?

The two most common cause of neck and shoulder tension is stress and prolonged periods seated at a desk. It is very rare that we see people for massage whose neck and shoulders were tight from gardening from the week end or from playing sport. Contrary to what most people think, it is the outer layer of the neck and shoulder muscles that hold this tension, not the muscles themselves. The problem with standard massage that uses oil, is that is only targets the muscles, not the outlayer (the myofascial sheath). At Massage Richmond, our unique form of bodywork targets the restricted fascia that is holding your stress or postural related neck and shoulder tension.

I have tried massage before and it was not effective, how is your massage different?

Standard massage that uses oil or creams slip and skim over the outer layer of the muscles and this is why we use beeswax at our Richmond massage clinic, as it allows us to grip onto the surface of the skin and the myofascial sheath. We heat the area through the friction of our hands and mould the fascia back to its natural resting position. With each massage stroke you will feel each knot and painful point ease away.

Can your massage help me if my neck and shoulder have been tight for months/ years?

Our Richmond Massage clinic specialises in chronic pain. Our unique massage techniques target solidified connective tissue (fascia) that has been built up over many months, even years.

If your pain is severely chronic we also have specialised postural symmetry restoring exercises that we use in conjunction with our unique massage that offers highly predictable, long term results.  

No matter how many massages you have had before, no matter how many clinics in Richmond you have visited, at Massage Richmond we pride ourselves on helping you when all other pain removal options have failed.

Of more information or to book in to experience how we can free up your neck and shoulder tension please call Richmond Massage Solutions on 8616 0784.

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