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What Is So Unique About Our Remedial Massage In Richmond?

What Is So Unique About Our Remedial Massage In Richmond?

The remedial massage techniques that we carry out at our Richmond clinic target exact areas of pain and restriction in your body. Standard massage uses oil and glide across the surface of your skin, warming the muscle tissue, then working deeper as the muscle heats up. This promotes blood flow and can release active trigger points within the muscle belly. But does standard oil massage really target the true source of your pain and restriction?

What causes pain and restriction and why standard oil bases massage skims right over the top of it?

The outer lining of the muscles (myofascial sheath) thickens, solidifies and prevents the muscle/s gliding as they are designed to in order for you to move freely. The fascia also has a lot of nerve endings, meaning that when it is solidified and you try to move it can be extremely painful. The majority of pain and restriction that people experience is where the muscles attach onto the bone in the tendious aspect of the muscle. Oil based massage neglect the origin and insertions of the muscles instead focusing on the mid belly. Even with the mid belly massage strokes the massage skims over the myofascial sheath.

How is the unique remedial massage approach that you do at your richmond clinic different to standard massage?

We use a beeswax formula in preference to oil, this allows us the grip and control required to make lasting changes to the pain and restriction producing solidified connective tissue. We use a lot of friction from our hand contact to produce heat. As the fascia heats up it becomes more responsive (malleable), when the grip onto the outer layers of the tissue and stretch them back to their normal resting state. We continue the process until you have complete freedom of movement and all of your pain is removed.

How does your unique remedial massage eradicate the pain producing restriction in the myofascial sheath?   

Our unique massage techniques carried out by our practitioners at our Richmond clinic disperse the solidified connective tissue. When you have tight and restricted neck, you most likely will feel knots built up at the base of your skull and the top of your shoulder blade. By heating and gripping onto these areas with our specialised myofascial massage strokes we release the pain producing tension.

Are the results you get with this unique massage therapy lasting?

For most people, their pain and tension is built up over many weeks or months. We pride ourselves on eradicating all of this tension in one remedial massage session. Many of our clients return every few months to our Richmond clinic for remedial massage maintenance work.

If the pain or injury is more severe, we have another unique approach we teach people how to strengthen their body to ensure the pain never returns.

Our Remedial Massage Richmond clinic is conveniently located on Church Street, right near the corner of bridge road.  We see a lot of people who work locally in Richmond who can conveniently pop in for a remedial massage before or after work or in their lunch break.

If you would like to book in and experience our unique approach to treatment at our Remedial Massage Richmond Clinic, please call today on 8616 0784

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